Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Enjoying the ticket

Hey guys! I'm writing this on - ahhh yesss - my free days. I have to say, that I really like the work I got and I can be really lucky I found this really nice place, where I could start without solving any big apprenticeship before. But, since I work in a tourism field now, I used my free days to educate myself more... Or let's say, to get to know Berlin better, since everyone asks me "where is this?", "where is that?", "how can I get there?". Due to my lack of knowledge it feels always a little uncomfortable trying to win some time, blabbing "weeell, let us have a look together on the map!"... Christ, I usually have really no idea at all. :D
Long story short - I used my "environment" ticket (for bus, tram, city railway and whatsoever) and did some "sightseeing" in Berlin Mitte. :D Achievement unlocked!

While strolling around at the riverside I always saw these neat boats like you can see below. I also heard a lot about them at work. Before moving to Berlin it was out of discussion for me doing anything related to fun at the riverside in this city. You do a boat tour in Hamburg, yes; but in Berlin?! Well, seems it is quite popular, so I guess I will strongly annoy my boyfriend in the near future to do a little Spree tour with me. :P

Weather was horrible as usual, so I tried some sort of program with my camera. Just made the photos more brownish, but well, I guess rather brownish then greyish. :)
See you soon! Hibi